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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Pure Democracy, one of the worst forms of government on earth, is three wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for dinner. Divine Democracy is three wolves transformed into sheep by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and joining with the other sheep to decide what God wants them together to eat for dinner. Gene Chapman

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Al Thompson has an excellent presentation of the Divine Democracy concept at hos blog.

Solutions: Part I

One of the readers of my website suggested that I speak about some of the possible
solutions. And that really is a tall order. I'm going to take a stab at it and try to explain some of the ways one can protect his rights and re-establish his God-given rights.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that fact that we don't really know who we
are and to whom is our responsibility. As a Christian, this is not a difficult one to
answer, but this also would apply to others, as all of us are creations of God. While
I don't want to preach, I'll do it from time to time, but it is essential that we know who we are and from whence we came.

God is the ultimate sovereign, who created all of us and we are obviously subject to
Him. However, God gave us a free will to chose which way our lives will unfold, and it
is us who have the ultimate responsibility for our actions.

We, as men and women, are sovereigns in our own right. However, we are sovereigns
without subjects. That freedom comes from God himeslf, and it doesn't come from any man. We have the right to work, marry, trade, own land, breath, fish, hunt, and we are the people who establish the direction of our lives to the extent that we have any control over it.

As men, we know that there is the establishment of government, which, at least in
our country, is supposed to keep people from hurting each other, and to protect the
liberties that come from God. No government or constitution bestows rights unto man.
In our country the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the subordinate Constitution for the United States are the foundational documents that acknowledgeall mens rights. They are intended to put a rein on
government, and at the same time, they are supposed to be used to help protect the
rights of each and every man and woman.

Our problems arise when we don't know who we are. The order of authority is as
follows: 1. God, 2. Man, 3. Government. The current government in our country
has attempted to displace God and His law, with it's own statutes, codes, and policies,
and many of them are repugnant to the Scriptures.

Look as some definitions of sovereignty.
We an see from this that the people are the ones who establish the government. The
government is to be the servant of the people, and not the other way around. Today,
we have the unrelenting problem of government taking over every facet of our lives.

Because of the intense brainwashing and mind control that we all have been subjected
to, and the main thrust of it is that the government is the source of all that is good, and that
it is the source of our rights. Nothing could be farther from the truth. However, the
mind control makes us weak, and we don't understand who really is the boss. We
are the ones to control the destiny of our own lives to the extent that we have the
options. Most of the time, when it comes to government, they must get our consent from us to do things to ourselves, that we normally would not

Let's use the IRS as an example. To receive a letter from the IRS brings terror into
the hearts and minds of most Americans. I don't think the SS in Nazi Germany was
able to inflict that much terror, as does the IRS. This mind control causes people to
commit suicide, break up marriages, destroy business, and bring havoc and chaos
whenever its authority is challenged. But really, who is in control? If we as individual
sovereigns were able to put a stop to this, we wouldn't have this problem. It isn't
only the IRS, but most government agencies are masters of controlling the thinking
of the people through fear, intimidation, and harrassment.

However, if you know who you are, you can then make progress by asserting your
God-given rights, and stand up for in what you believe. The government is supposed
to be your servant, and not your slavemaster. You and I are not chattel or livestock,
but we are real men and women, with unalienable rights, and we must effectivelyexercise them.

Here is an example on how this can be done, without a lot of confrontation. I have a
friend of mine, Chuck, who was speaking with me on the cell phone as he was
driving (traveling) in his truck when he was stopped by the California Highway Patrol.
The officer came up to his window, and Chuch rolled it down about two inches and
said something like, "May I help you officer?" The CHP asked him for his driver's license.
Chuck then said, "If I give it to you, could any of the information be used against me
in a court of law?" The CHP said, "Yes." Chuck said, "Then I don't want to give it
to you." Of course, when this kind of thing happens, such as asserting your rights,
the CHP called for backup. Two other cars came to the scene. And after a few minutes
on the radio, Chuck was allowed to leave and carry on with his business.

I was musing at the fact that if one mentions the Constitution the cops call for backup.

Chuck calls me back a few minutes later, and tells me this story, and after about twenty
minutes, he gets stopped again. It seems that Chuck was going down the Interstate
at 80 MPH and swerved slightly as he was on the cell phone talking to me. So Chuck
did the same routine to the next CHP and this officer said, "Where you the one that
was stopped about twenty minutes ago?" Chuck said, "Yes, I think I'm the one you're
thinking of..." Chuck said, that the officer went back to his truck and he could see
the man shaking his head while watching him in his rear view mirror. The officer came
back to Chuck's truck and said, "Mr. XXXXX, please slow down, you're endangering
the people of California." Notice that Chuck never gave him his name, but they already
knew who he was.

The point of the story here is that you don't have to do anything that compromises your
rights. Chuck wasn't rude or nasty, but he stood on his rights and simply didn't
want to disclose any information that might compromise himself.

We don't have to give our names to anyone that we don't wish to engage, and that
goes for government officials. The government depends upon us to disclose information
that might be damaging.

What Chuck did was to exercise his right to not incriminate himself in any way. This
is a fundamental right, but most of us don't know how to use it.

I'll be posting more possible solutions that will help all of us understand who we are
and how to keep government officials in their place.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Divine Democracy is about loving one another as you wish to be loved. And if this cannot be legislated, then could we not legislate "do to others as you would have them do unto you?" Let's say, I have a car, and I refused to give another person a ride to the store to pickup medication. The heads of my web community (or maybe we don't need a head of a community), all Christians, could inquire about why I refused to help my fellow man. There might be some circumstance that justified my refusal to drive my neighbor to the store. Maybe I was sick? Maybe I have a grudge toward him? Maybe I hate a certain race of people? All these matters get resolved on the internet out in the open, just as we do now with Doug Kenline's blog world.

Doug has actually opened up a door I've been looking for to build my "Divine Democracy" concept on for several years. Where do we go from here?


I am convinced that all that is needed for the world to become a heavenly place is for Christian apologetics to become the norm in study for a connected world ( connected by the internet). Christ presents the most credible intellectual basis for authority in the world. Only Jesus can be shown to have risen from the dead, through the study of apologetics.

If Jesus is risen from the dead, then he is the ruler of all, as Scripture proposes. If he is the ruler of all, then humankind must fall in line behind His views. The internet is where His will may be discerned and explored by all of humankind. The result is that courts may oneday need not exist. Governments may well be in communities of people on the internet, who interact with one another. The number of elected officials may fall through the floor.

Imagine a world where you can get together with all your neighbors, not worrying if you are missing them or not (via e-mail), talk to them about a needed roof that needs to be fixed down the street at a neighbor's house and get a reply on their involvement? Obviously, that involvement couldn't be mandated. But if Christ's law rules in this community, then one could be found guilty of not loving his neighbor as himself or not doing to others as he would have others do unto him by this community.

Divine Democracy or "Democracy Beyond The Vail," as I sometimes call it, is the form of government I see as the next logical step in human government. We have seen dictatorships come and go. Socialism has no moral authority and is falling away where it is examined by the masses for what it is -- armed robbery.

The founders of America had in mind a "Divine Democracy," but they had no internet upon which to level the table of ideas for all to seat themselves at and explore the solutions to the world's problems. For the first time, man can now sit across a table of ideas anywhere in the world and chat with another. But "Divine Democracy," as I have been working on it these last several years, is based just as much in the positions found in Christian apologetics that Jesus is risen from the dead and is the only sovereign over humankind and all the universe.

We shall speak more of my new world, as we together, step beyond the vail and touch the face of God.

Gene Chapman, Pastor